ExOne Sand Printing Process

This video demonstrates ExOne's digital part materialization (3D printing) process for printing sand casting molds and cores, beginning with a digital file, going through solidification analysis, printing and finally casting a finished industrial Discover A Lot More

EVA Slipper Printing Process

EVA slipper (flipflop) printer machine printing process: For white or light color EVA: 1. Spray auxiliary——(wait till it dry)——2.spray EVA coating——(wait till it dry)——3.print——4.if you spray a litter bit EVA coating again, fastness Discover A Lot More

Reggiani Digital Printing Process

We are sublimation paper professional supplier.Our company can supply any need about sublimation transfer paper,sublimaton ink, heat transfer paper for textile printing! More info:http://www.skyimagepaper.com/112-skyimage-105g-64-162m100m-heat-transfer-dye-sublimation-transfer-paper-wholesale-for-textile-printing.html If Discover A Lot More