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Makeblock Airblock Drone & mGiraffe 3dPrinter at New York Maker Faire 2016!

Betty and Yi show us the NEW Makeblock Programmable Drone and the mGiraffe Delta 3d Printer Kit at World Maker Faire in New York! Makeblock makes really great robot kits, I don't expect these to be any less fun! Check it out here: AIRBLOCK: mGiraffe Discover A Lot More

3d printing metal! The Ability3d 888 is HEAVY METAL at New York Maker Faire 2016! – WMF16

The Ability3d 888 is a crazy machine that can print in real metal! I can't wait to see this machine rocking! I want one! twitter: @ability3d --------------- CONTEST ---------------- Click here for the contest! Not Discover A Lot More

New York Graphene Manufacturer Poised To Bring 3D Printing To New Level

As the sole manufacturer of graphene-enhanced printing filaments, 3D Graphene Lab CEO, Daniel Stolyarov is spearheading a sea change in the 3D printing industry. Read the story in Tech Times: For Discover A Lot More

3D Printed hair systems from Italy offered exclusively at Unique Hair Concepts New York

Unique Hair Concepts offers the advanced hair loss prosthetic technology "CNC system" or natural contact hair. Watch this video to see the entire process and schedule a free, private consultation to learn more (914) 412-7700 Discover A Lot More

3D Printshow New York 2015 – Ultimaker: 3D Printing Event

It was all new new new in New York for Ultimaker! We've had a great time at 3D Printshow New York, and we're happy to share the experience with you in this recap video. Which print do you love the most from this video? « Discover A Lot More

Smallest 3d Printer! BABY SIZE, BIG BOY printer! New York Maker Faire 2016! WMF16

James Carpino from Baby3d has created these BABY versions of BIG BOY printers! I NEED one of these little guys! SO CUTE! Featuring a cameo by Barnacules Nerdgasm! lol He's a super good dude! ---------------- CONTEST ---------------- Click Discover A Lot More