Makeblock Airblock Drone & mGiraffe 3dPrinter at New York Maker Faire 2016!

Betty and Yi show us the NEW Makeblock Programmable Drone and the mGiraffe Delta 3d Printer Kit at World Maker Faire in New York! Makeblock makes really great robot kits, I don't expect these to be any less fun! Check it out here: AIRBLOCK: mGiraffe Discover A Lot More

Mcor IRIS: Inside 3D Printing 2013 NYC

Mcor Technologies, an Irish company came out with a 3D printer called Mcor IRIS that prints full-color 3D objects using ordinary office paper. While not affordable to home 3D modeler/maker, this 3D printer would most likely be useful to architects Discover A Lot More

FormLabs: Inside 3D Printing 2013 NYC

This is Maxim Lobovsky, one of the co-founders of Formlabs, which launched their 3D printer on Their approach to printing 3D objects is stereo-lithography, which yield much smoother surface on objects printed than any other competing Discover A Lot More